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Five Must-Use Props For Autumn Social Media Images

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

By Bryce Allen

Nights are getting darker, pumpkin spice is being consumed by the gallon, and we’re not just wearing woolly jumpers as an aesthetic choice anymore. That means it’s official: autumn is here!

We know book lovers adore a good autumnal backdrop year-round, but as we get into October things kick up a gear. Feeds are taken over by the book community posting as many fun and unique social images before the leaves reappear on their branches.

Coming up with inspiration for posts can be difficult, so read on for NG Creative’s five must-use props to make your books stand out from the crowd this autumn (and maybe a special treat along the way!).

1. Nature

What is Autumn if not walks through crunchy forest floors? Props like fallen leaves are perfect for bringing in the browns and reds of autumn, creating a natural and beautiful backdrop to help your books tie into the season.

But, to help your books really stand out from the crowd, we’d recommend using pinecones, acorns, or chestnuts. These autumnal props not only help bring that delicious outdoor connection into your images, but also add a great texture and diversity to your posts that can really help your books shine on social media.

2. Candles

There’s not much we love more than a good candle and we definitely have a habit of buying beautiful ones we feel bad ever lighting. Though that doesn’t mean they can’t be used! Bringing candles into your photos can be an easy to way to capture the relaxing (or maybe spooky) vibe of autumn nights.

Bonus: if you do light your beautiful candles (you’re stronger than us) then you’ll love the unique lighting effects that help show off your books.

3. Hot drinks and fresh bakes

As we mentioned, Autumn is the season of drinking pumpkin spice by the gallon (we may be single-handedly keeping our local coffee shops in business). Regardless of which hot beverage you prefer, coffee is a fantastic prop to include in your Instagram photos. Take your images when your drink is piping hot, and your audience will be clamouring for your next cosy recommendation.

Why not add to your coffee with some freshly baked cookies or cakes? Few things pair better with a book than sweet treats and social media audiences will devour your photos (and then rush to find their own…, ahem, *props*).

4. Blankets and all things cosy

After a nice cup of coffee, our next thought on cosy Autumn days is a good blanket. Luckily with the days getting colder we have lots around! Bring blankets into your photos and give your social media post a unique background. Lay them out flat, scrunch them up, bring in multiple. Blankets are an extremely versatile prop and that’s before you even consider their material, design, or the stories behind them!

5. Paper, parchment, and ribbon

Our final prop suggestion to make your books stand out from the crowd is a wonderful autumnal trifecta: paper, parchment, and ribbon. These three props can be great finishing touches to really highlight the beauty of your book covers.

Try paper and parchment to add a rustic vibe to your photos. The paper can be clean or even have notes on the book in the photo to add an extra layer of depth that will retain your audience’s attention for longer and promote engagement.

Ribbon is a versatile prop that can run through the borders of your photo or under your books, adding a splash of colour or a fun pattern to really liven up your image and make the colours of your book pop.

Bonus: A special treat

Did you like these suggestions? Before you rush away to take some photos and brainstorm ideas for your book’s social media posts, we promised you a treat and we’re marketers of our word!

If you want a head start on your autumnal posts then we have a selection of FREE flatlay images that you can use right now by heading here.

If you would like even more help with your photos, then get in touch with us and we can make sure your books stand out from the crowd this autumn.

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