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Prices for our services are listed below.


Please note the prices are an estimation of cost and are subject to change depending on the service you require.

Do get in touch for more information as we can be very flexible with cost to suit your needs and budget. 

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Content Scheduling

£40 per hour

Copy and imagery can be created* or supplied.


*will incur an extra cost per hour. 



£40 per hour

(min. 3 hours)


Monthly cost paid in advance

£850 in total


Annual cost paid in advance 

£7,000 in total  

Content Creation

£40 per hour 

Dependent on content + asset required 

Digital Advertising

20% of total campaign budget

For example for a campaign with a £200 spend, our fee would be £40 on top


Digital Asset Design

£40 per hour 

For reference, a simple Twitter card will take between half an hour to an hour to create. An animation can take up to five hours depending on extent of work. 

Print Asset Design

£40 per hour 

For reference, a bookmark can take between one to two hours and a proof can take between 3-4 hours including minor amends. 



£40-£180 per shoot*

For reference, a single photo with simple background and editing costs £40 and a full shoot with 3 set-ups, resizing and editing is £180. 


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