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FREE Q1 & Q2 2023 Content Calendars

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

*UPDATED 27th March 2023*

We know how hard it can be to plan future social media campaigns for your book brands and community channels, especially when you need to share copy and ideas with internal and external stakeholders.

SO, as always, we're here to help.

Download our content calendar for Q2 of 2023 here.

Download our content calendar for Q1 of 2023 here.


Like our previous ones, our content calendars are here to help you keep a track of campaign content as well as ensuring you're keeping up to date with the latest trends and events.

Because of this and to ensure you don't feel overwhelmed having to plan ALL of your 2023 campaigns, we've pulled together content calendars for each quarter instead, which lists key dates and events until 30th June 2023.

In early June, we'll then share a Q3 content calendar with up-to-date key dates and events for that period, so you don't have to worry if any dates or events have changed.

AND to make this even better, our content calendar is completely FREE!


EASY TO USE: built in a super simple spreadsheet format, our content calendar is easy to use and navigate and also allows flexibility if you want to change any of the column names for example to suit your content. You can use in Microsoft Excel or upload to your Google Drive to use as a Google Sheet.

SPECIAL FEATURES: we've already put conditional formatting rules in place so you can easily see the type of content you're posting at a quick glance, for example if you type in 'VIDEO' the cell will turn blue and if you type in 'PHOTO' the cell will turn pink.

EVENTS AND KEY DATES: our downloadable content calendars include national and international days, key religious dates and general celebrations both in the UK and globally from Jan–June 2023.


ON TREND: using a content calendar will mean you can tie what you're book promotion into a key date or event which will mean your content could potentially be seen by more people!

A TIME SAVER: it means you can plot out your content in advance and in bulk which will mean you can save time in the long run. It will also save you trying to figure out what days to post and allows you to remember important dates ahead of time.

Download our content calendar for Q2 here.

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