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5 Tips To Better Your Instagram

Instagram envy is a thing. We know because every time we find an amazing Instagram account to follow (and marvel at), a very small part of us is also jealous.

Why can't WE have a feed that looks as aesthetically-pleasing as THAT? Why can't WE post images as beautiful as theirs? Why don't WE have as many followers as them?

The simple answer is: you can do all of these things. And the good news is: it's also really not hard to do so.

Below are 5 of our super simple top tips on how to better your Instagram feed, from recommended filter apps to engagement advice, all of which are certain to better your Instagram.



What do you want to feature on your Instagram feed? Do you want to indulge in nature photography after all of those lockdown walks? Or maybe share DIY before and after shots in your new fixer-upper? Do you want to focus on a certain product or a style or even a colour?

Finding your 'niche' is an important factor to consider before starting or re-booting your Instagram because not only will it help shape the content you share, it will help guide your aesthetic and style and will help boost your followers too.

... which leads very nicely onto...


Want your Instagram feed to look visually pleasing and consistent? Pick a filter and stick to it. This is super easy to do and Instagram has many inbuilt filters in its arsenal before you even post a photo (our faves are Juno, Lark and Clarendon).

If you don't like the look of any of those, we'd recommend downloading the A Color Story or Preview apps which have many free filters available too.


The most important thing you can do to improve your Instagram feed is to post beautiful, regular content. Not only will this increase your profile awareness and (hopefully) boost your follower numbers, it will also mean you generate more engagement on your posts as Instagram's algorithms favour Instagrammers who post more often.

But, a word of warning: don't post TOO much though as this can have the completely opposite effect. Instead, we'd recommend posting 5-6 times a week on your main feed and every day on your Instagram Story to have constant but not 'spammy' visibility.


So you've got your vibe, your filter and brilliant content to post regularly? Your next step is to ensure your content is being seen by the right people.

Two really simple and impactful things you can do to do this and to boost your Instagram posts are to use hashtags at the end of your post copy AND tag your photos with a location.

Why use hashtags?

Many Instagrammers follow hashtags in order to find pieces of content relating to that hashtag or keyword. For this reason, we'd recommend using at least four or five hashtags at the end of your post linking to what you're sharing.

For example, if you're posting a photograph of a book you've just read, you could use hashtags that include: the book's title, the author name, any book-related hashtags (bookstagram is one of our faves), the genre, age range etc. Using these hashtags will mean your post will be visible to people who follow or search for that hashtag, increasing your feed awareness and driving traffic to your profile.

Why tag a location?

Similarly to using hashtags, adding a location to your Instagram posts means that you're essentially adding another way for people to find your post.

If you're a local business for example, anyone living in the area around you may follow that location or hashtag in order to find things happening in that area. If you use the location tag, you're more likely to show up on someone's feed who is in the same location and thus not only increasing your general awareness and traffic, but your local attention too.


In real life, if someone comments positively on your hair or clothing or a report you've written, you're more likely to like them, right? Well, the same applies for social media.

If you want more followers and for fellow Instagrammers to engage with your content, one of the best things you can do is engage with other people's in return (though maybe not in a fake Regina George kind of way).

Simple ways to engage on Instagram:

  • Follow accounts doing or sharing similar things to you

  • Boost your followers work on your account or via your posts

  • Comment on and like other people's posts

  • Engage with conversations happening (especially with Instagrammers who have more followers than you)

If you share someone's post or say something interesting or insightful in another post's comments, your account will be more visible and you may generate more profile views, which will lead to an increase in followers and channel engagement.


So, there you have it. 5 top tips to better your Instagram. Have any other recommended tips? Share yours in the comments below.

Want help scheduling or coming up with content for Instagram? Get in touch with us at NG Creative via the form on the Contact page or by emailing


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